Russian company offers rewards to soldiers who destroy Western tanks in Ukraine

The first Russian soldiers to destroy or capture Western tanks in Ukraine will be rewarded with $72,000

The US, Germany, and a number of European allies recently pledged to donate hundreds of modern tanks to Ukraine in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war continuing to escalate. Moscow criticized this decision of the West as “dangerous”, and warned that it would “burn” Western tanks on the battlefield.

Fores, a company that produces materials for the energy industry based in Russia’s Urals, over the weekend offered a cash reward to any Russian soldier who “captures or destroys” a German-made Leopard tank or Abrams of the United States on the battlefield in Ukraine. Accordingly, the first soldier to do this will be rewarded with 5 million rubles (about 72,000 USD), in every case 500,000 rubles.

In addition, Fores also offers a reward of 15 million rubles for soldiers to destroy Western warplanes if the US and its European allies send this weapon to Ukraine.

The company said that NATO is “pumping” unlimited weapons into Ukraine, causing the conflict to escalate. However, Washington insists that it only provides Kiev with weapons for self-defense purposes and does not pose a threat of attack against Russia.

The West is said to have pledged more than 300 tanks to Ukraine, but Kiev will not be able to receive this heavy weapon. The first Western heavy tanks will be introduced into Ukraine in the next few months, in part because Ukrainian soldiers still need to learn how to operate.

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