Ukraine issues a warning about Iran’s hard-to-intercept missile.

If Russia tries to acquire them during the conflict, Ukraine’s military leaders acknowledge they presently have no way to effectively confront Iran’s ballistic missiles.

“Iran’s ballistic missile programme remains a significant threat that could become real. Ballistic missiles and suicide drones are still on Russia’s list of desired possessions. of Iran, such as the Fateh and Zolfaghar varieties “Yurii Ihnat, a representative of the Ukrainian Air Force Command, said.

“We don’t now have the equipment to stop these ballistic missiles. We know that Russia also possesses Kinzhal-like ballistic missiles, “said Ihnat. According to him, this is essentially a system that uses airborne fire and attacks using a ballistic trajectory, much like the Kh-22, S-300, and S-400.

Military specialists claim that the explosives in Iran’s Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar short-range ballistic missiles, which vary in weight from 500 kg to 600 kg, respectively, are ten times more powerful than those in Shaed suicide drones. 136 that Russia is alleged to have been employing recently. Moscow is thought to be attempting to replenish its inventory of missiles from a variety of sources, including Iran, after extensive operations in the Ukraine. Tehran has always refuted claims that it gave Russia drones and missiles for use in its military operation in Ukraine.

Ihnat emphasised that in order to deal with this threat, Ukraine requires the support of Western allies and partners who can fund systems like the Patriot PAC-3 or SAMP-T air defence system.

We notice a difference because France and Italy have also declared their willingness to provide these systems to Ukraine, according to Ihnat.

Although the West has pledged to provide Ukraine with heavy tanks, Kiev still wants fighter planes and long-range missiles to deter Russia. Mykhailo Podolyak, the presidential advisor for Ukraine, stated last week that urgent negotiations were taking place for Kiev to request long-range missiles from its allies.

We require missiles to destroy their arsenals if we want to significantly decrease the Russian army’s primary armament, the artillery systems they employ on the battlefield, according to Podolyak. On the Crimean peninsula, he claimed, Russia now possesses ten artillery depots. “Therefore, foremost, there are ongoing conversations. Second, the negotiations are progressing quickly, “Added he.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, said that Ukraine wants to strike first to stop Russian forces from assaulting populated regions. He claimed that Ukraine needed long-range missiles to prevent the enemy from setting up launchers far from the battleground and destroying Ukrainian cities. He claimed Kiev requires US-made ATACMS missiles with a 297 kilometre range. Washington has, however, so far declined to deliver this weapon.

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