The superior power of “hybrid” weapons is about to be aided by the US in Ukraine

Many sources claim that the US is preparing to transfer to Ukraine a powerful bomb in the upcoming aid package.

Reuters reported on January 31 that the US is preparing to provide an aid package including many new long-range strike weapons worth $2.2 billion to Ukraine. Among the weapons that are about to be delivered, besides the Patriot air defense complex and Javelin anti-tank missiles, observers pay special attention to a unique “hybrid” weapon, the GLSDB bomb.

The GLSDB bomb is a small-diameter bomb developed by Boeing of the United States and Saab of Sweden. Dubbed a “hybrid” weapon, the GLSDB bomb is made up of a unique combination of conventional bombs and multiple rocket launchers.

The GLSDB consists of two main components, in which the warhead is the GBU-39 small-diameter bomb mounted in an M26 rocket to be launched from the ground. With a length of 3.9m, a diameter of 0.24m, and a weight of about 272 kg, this bomb can hit targets at a distance of up to 130km.

When brought to the required altitude and speed by the engine, the folded wings unfold and allow the GLSDB to glide to its target using the semi-active laser probe. In addition, with the GPS global positioning system, the GLSDB bomb can overcome the enemy’s electronic jamming and suppression systems. This weapon is also capable of operating in all terrain and weather conditions.

In addition, the outstanding advantage of the GLSDB bomb is its ability to penetrate, thereby allowing this weapon to attack and destroy enemy fortifications with reinforced concrete walls up to 1m thick. Therefore, the GLSDB bomb is expected to become a major threat to the fortified military and civilian targets of the Russian army and separatist forces in eastern and southern Ukraine.

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