Watch:After being struck by Ukrainian army troops, Russia’s main tank, the T-80, bursts violently.

A Russian main battle tank T-80BV was hit by a shell and detonated spectacularly in eastern Ukraine.

A video shot on January 31 shows a Russian T-80BV tank exploding after being struck by a shell fired by the Ukrainian army.

The above footage, according to The Sun, was shot on the battlefield in eastern Ukraine. However, the actual time and place of this footage have yet to be released. The Russian Ministry of Defense has yet to comment on the video’s substance.

The T-80BV tank, with a length of 9.5m, a width of 3.38m, a height of 2.22m, and a payload of 46 tons, is one of the Russian army’s primary battle tanks with strong combat capabilities.

The main combat tank T-80BV is armed with a 125mm 2A46M-4 smoothbore gun. To improve its ability to destroy enemy armored targets, the T-80BV may additionally carry 9M119 Refleks anti-tank missiles with Tandem explosive warhead technology.

To resist opposing missiles the T-80BV tank is equipped with new generation explosive reactive armor Relikt and Kord, as well as PKT machine guns.

The T-80BV can reach speeds of up to 80km/h and has a range of around 500km. Normally, the car will be driven by a three-person crew. The T-80BV is one of the Russian army’s primary tanks in the Ukrainian battlefield.

In the past time, Russian armored forces have suffered many losses in the Ukrainian battlefield because of modern anti-tank weapons provided by the US and the West to Kiev. In Kharkov, after withdrawing, Russia is said to have left behind hundreds of tanks, including the T-90 “Proryv” super tank and dozens of T-72 tanks.

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