US intelligence chief predicts decisive moment of Ukraine conflict

The director of the US Central Intelligence Agency has made a prediction about a key moment in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In a statement released on February 2, the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William Burns said the conflict in Ukraine will enter a decisive phase within the next six months.

According to Mr. Burns, one of the leading experts on Russia in the US government after serving three years as US Ambassador to Russia, Moscow military commanders are “taking a bet” on the waning interest from the West. could give the Russian army an advantage on the battlefield.

“President Putin is betting that the changes over the next six months will turn things around on the battlefield. We also believe that the Russians do not want to end the conflict through negotiations,” Burns said.

This prediction of the head of US intelligence is said to be in line with previous statements of many Ukrainian intelligence officials and commanders. Earlier, many senior Kyiv officials stated that the spring and summer of 2023 will be the pivot period of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

“This spring and summer will be the turning point of the war. If the Russian offensive plan in this period fails, it will officially mark the decline of the Russian army.” Major General Vadym Skibitskyi, Deputy Director of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Service, said in an interview with the media on January 23.

The Russian military is said to be rapidly preparing the necessary steps to soon launch an all-out counter-attack on the whole line, with the number one goal being to gain control of the entire territory in four breakaway regions in Russia. Eastern and Southern Ukraine.

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