Watch Video: Russian “battlefield killer” T-90M shows off its firepower

The video released by the Russian Defense Ministry on February 3 was filmed in the Leningrad region of northwestern Russia. Images from the video show the T-90M Proryv main battle tank firing while in motion as well as when standing still.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video of the main battle tank T-90M Proryv rehearsing firing at the training ground.

According to the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, T-90M Proryv practiced hitting targets at a distance of up to 5,000m. These targets simulate enemy armor, soldiers, and aircraft.

The exercise also tested the crew’s skills in overcoming obstacles and maintaining and transporting tanks.

The T-90M Proryv is a powerful improved version of the Russian main battle tank T-90, equipped with a completely new turret and a more powerful engine.

Proryv is also equipped with a new aiming system that allows the weapon to be used at any time of the day. One advantage of the T-90M is that it can share data with other vehicles in real-time.

The T-90M tank is significantly superior to the T-90 by its combat effectiveness while retaining the advantages of the previous model. T-90M Proryv-3 uses a powerful diesel engine, allowing it to travel at a speed of 72 km / h. The T-90M is also equipped with advanced reactive armor layers called Relikt.

T-90M is equipped with the Shtora-M defense system, which effectively protects against the opponent’s guided anti-tank missiles, in the context of Western anti-tank missiles causing many challenges for the equipment. Russia in recent times.

The fact that Russia has brought the T-90M to the battlefield in Ukraine in the past time has helped Moscow gain a great advantage. Thanks to its reliable defensive capabilities and modern fire control system, the T-90M has caused a lot of damage to the enemy.

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