Russia’s 100-shot, 100-hit artillery: A weapon against Western tanks?

Military analysts claim that the Krasnopol artillery round, which resembles a missile in certain ways, can destroy Western tanks provided to Ukraine.

Krasnopol artillery shell

Videos of Krasnopol artillery shells striking enemy strongholds and armoured objects while on duty in Ukraine were recently broadcast by Russia.

Krasnopol was mentioned as one of the weapons that can counter these weapons when the West announced its decision to provide main battle tanks to Ukraine.

The Krasnopol 152mm artillery shell has a variety of potent characteristics, including aerodynamic control, a guided warhead, a laser detector, and dynamics gas propulsion at the bottom, all of which are intended to completely destroy the target on impact.

Its capability to precisely destroy solid targets on the battlefield, including as tanks and armoured vehicles, earned it the moniker “hundred-shot, hundred-hit.” Abrams (USA) and Leopard (Germany) tank opponents may find Krasnopol to be a dangerous foe.

Units using these weapons can expend fewer shells to ensure striking their targets on the battlefield because of Krasnopol’s precision strike capabilities. This has enormous tactical and logistical benefits. As the enemy increases ambushes on the fire supply line, units that must carry less ammunition to the battlefield will be less susceptible.

While in flight or on the final leg of its trajectory, Krasnopol can shift its assault direction, making it challenging for the enemy’s air defence to counter.

The self-guided self-guided warhead, which enables Krasnopol to strike precisely in the initial attack, is the weapon’s most notable feature. Krasnopol can strike moving targets, in contrast to many satellite-guided missiles.

Krasnopol is thought to have an estimated strike rate of 85–95% for stationary targets and a hit rate of about 70% for moving targets.

In recent years, footage of Krasnopol targeting targets in a particular military operation in Ukraine, such as destroying strong points and artillery, have been regularly aired on the Ministry of Defense and Russian state media. Regardless of the shooting range, Russia asserts that Krasnopol can hit a target with a variation of no more than a few metres.

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