Russia first deployed rare weapons to “catch” Ukraine’s UAVs

Images from the scene show that for the first time in a military operation, Russia has deployed rare electronic warfare systems to deal with Ukrainian UAVs.

Avia Pro on February 6 posted an image with a description that this is the first time that Russia’s Skvorets, Harpoon, Piton, and Strizh-3 electronic warfare systems have been detected in the Moscow area conducting military operations, especially in Ukraine.

According to sources in both Moscow and Kyiv, Russia has recently mobilized the aforementioned new and rare electronic warfare systems to Ukraine, to deal with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on the battlefield. Sources from Ukraine say that Kyiv has taken a number of measures to partially deal with Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities.

In the images recorded on the battlefield, Russian electronic warfare weapons were activated when the Ukrainian UAV entered the area of ​​​​the fighting.

According to Avia Pro, it is worth noting that so far there is very little information about the aforementioned Russian weapons, but they are believed to have a relatively short interception range, suitable for dealing with UAVs in the area. The battlefield is not very large.

Since the special military operation was conducted by Russia, drones have played an irreplaceable role in the combat posture of the Ukrainian army.

Ukrainian UAVs played a very important role in restraining the advance of the Russian army at the first stage of the war, especially when Russia’s ability to fight quickly and quickly depended on mobility and strength. of tanks and heavy infantry fighting vehicles.

Not only pointing to Ukraine’s artillery and anti-tank weapons firing at the gathering positions of the Russian army, but Ukraine’s UAVs have also repeatedly carried out attack missions and directly destroyed many weapons and equipment. Russian military equipment.

Meanwhile, electronic warfare systems – the line of non-gunpowder weapons – are playing an increasingly important role in the Russia-Ukraine war and can have a great impact on the battlefield situation.

Electronic warfare weapons are often referred to as “invisible assassins” because they are military weapons that use electromagnetic energy to attack or disrupt an opponent’s activities. It can disable any electrical device and can be executed from the ground, in the air, on land, at sea, and in space without the use of explosives, or direct attacks.

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