A close-up of a midnight display of North Korean nuclear ballistic missiles

The Korean People’s Army celebrated its 75th anniversary by holding a military parade in Pyongyang on February 8 (local time) in the evening at Kim Il Sung Square.

The military parade commemorating the People’s Armed Forces’ inception 75 years ago was held in Pyongyang that evening, February 8, 2023, according to the Korean state news agency KCNA. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, his wife Ri Sol-ju, and their daughter Kim Ju-ae also attended.

Before the procession begins, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspects the guard of honor.

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, watched the parade from the platform with his daughter Kim Ju-ae.

North Korea displayed its newest weaponry during the military parade that evening on February 8 to demonstrate its military prowess.

Many previously unseen missiles made their first appearance during this year’s parade.

The military parade took place on February 8 in the evening, with blocks of men representing the many units and branches of the Korean army.

After several weeks of planning, the ceremony was held with the presence of numerous soldiers and civilians.

North Korea’s upgraded main battle tank, which resembled both the US M1 Abrams and the Russian T-14 Armata models, took part in the parade. In 2020, this tank model made its debut.

The 600 mm caliber KN-25 guided rocket system used by North Korea is thought to have a 400 km maximum range.

The KN-23 tactical ballistic missile systems from North Korea have a range of around 500 kilometers and a structure resembling the Iskander complex from Russia.

The Hwasong-17 mobile intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system’s block 11 was the parade’s standout entry this year.

According to KCNA, the ICBM systems overhead demonstrate North Korea’s nuclear deterrent, and the parade also featured tactical nuclear units.

The Hwasong-17 is North Korea’s most recent intercontinental ballistic missile system, with an estimated range of up to 15,000 kilometers and the ability to carry a nuclear warhead.

Experts claim that North Korea has never before exhibited a significant number of mobile ICBM launchers in a military parade.

North Korea also unveiled an unnamed mobile intercontinental ballistic missile system in addition to the Hwasong-17.

The new ICBM from North Korea is about the same size as the Hwasong-17, but it has a closed launch tube and solid-fuel motor.

The Korean and Korean Workers’ Party flags were flown by the parachute performance team after they landed in Kim Il Sung Square.

The parade was put to a stop by a Su-25 attack aircraft from the Korean Air Force flying over the stage while releasing smoke and flares.

Following the military parade, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his daughter pose for a souvenir photo with generals and defense officials.

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