The city in southern Ukraine was struck by a devastating Russian missile attack.

Within an hour, at least 17 missiles struck the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia

“17 enemy missiles attacked the city in less than an hour (Zaporizhia). Since the start of the conflict, this is the worst ambush on our city “Anatolii Kurtiev, the mayor of Zaporizhia, remarked. On February 10, be aware of dawn on Telegram.

It is thought that Zaporizhia’s energy infrastructure was the focus of the attack. Authorities in the area are evaluating the damage brought on by the operation.

Earlier, local media reported that on February 10 at around 2am, residents of the Zaporizhia and Vinnytsia areas heard a series of powerful explosions. In these locations, sirens have been activated.

The information is related to the fact that Russia has started a new all-out offensive campaign in Ukraine, with more frequent attacks in the Donbass region and Lugansk province. Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s defense minister, stated that Moscow will prioritize attacking Ukraine from the east and the south in order to completely dominate the Donbass region and preserve a land corridor to the Crimean island.

He thinks that because they torched the entire river bridge when they departed Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine, Russia will not go back. Instead, they would probably advance in the direction of Zaporizhia, another important southern province, to secure the supply line for the operation in Ukraine by extending the land corridor to the Crimean peninsula.

Following contentious referendums, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Donetsk, and Lugansk were annexed to Russia in October 2022. According to estimates, Ukraine presently controls the remainder of the Zaporizhia region, including the capital city of Zaporizhia, which was home to approximately 1 million people before hostilities started, while Russia controls roughly 70% of the area, including Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

Up until recently, when Ukraine drove Russian forces from Kherson and got ready to launch a massive counteroffensive in Zaporizhia, the Southern Front was mostly calm.

The majority of the combat is concentrated in the East, particularly in the Donetsk region’s Bakhmut city. According to Ukrainian officials, intelligence reports show that Russia is gathering troops for a massive offensive operation that may already started in Lugansk. As battle in Lugansk “escalates to the maximum,” according to Serhiy Hayday, commander of the military junta in Lugansk, eastern Ukraine, Russian forces are trying to breach Ukrainian positions, sometimes with the assistance of heavy armored equipment like tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

In order to prevent Ukraine from receiving tanks or long-range weapons from the West that could let Kiev strike the Crimean peninsula and targets deep in Russian territory, Moscow is claimed to have made a big advancement by seizing total control of the Donbass. Moscow regards Kyiv’s assurance that it doesn’t utilize long-range Western weapons to target Russian territory as being unreliable.

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