Ukraine might be in talks with Germany to purchase cutting-edge tanks.

According to German media, Ukraine and Germany are currently negotiating the sale of further Panther KF51 tanks to Ukraine.

According to a source close to Armin Papperger, CEO of the German defense firm Rheinmetall, Ukraine would probably be the first foreign buyer of the German Panther KF51 main battle tank, according to German media.

Papperger claims that Kiev and Rheinmetall are negotiating the viability of the transaction. CEO Papperger further disclosed that Kiev may have these contemporary tanks in “15 to 18 months” if the contract is finalized.

The Defense Ministry of Ukraine has not yet responded to the information.

Since 2016, the Panther KF51 range of cutting-edge main battle tanks has been created by contractor Rheinmetall. Only at the June 2022 Eurosatory defense exhibition were the first tanks revealed.

The Panther KF51, which weighs 59 tons and is driven by a crew of three to four people, is mounted on the chassis of the Leopard 2A4 tank.

This tank is equipped with a 130mm Rh-130 L/52 smoothbore gun as its primary weapon. Additionally, a 7.62mm NATTER RCWS automatic machine gun and a 12.7mm coaxial machine gun were mounted to cope with enemy infantry and small targets.

The KF51 tank also has numerous layers of passive and active armor, allowing it to provide the crew with the highest level of protection. Arrow-piercing projectiles (KE) or guided anti-tank missiles, among other weapons with tremendous destructive force, won’t be a problem for the Panther KF51, according to manufacturer Rheinmetall.

Recently, in response to requests from President Volodymyr Zelensky and other top Ukrainian leaders, Germany and certain Western allies agreed to transfer numerous lines of main battle tanks to the Ukrainian army.

Kyiv claims that Western contemporary tanks will aid Ukraine in balancing fire with the Russian army on the battlefield, enabling this force to launch massive counterattacks to quickly retake territory.

Moscow has responded by criticizing the West’s transfer of heavy offensive weapons, such as tanks, to Ukraine and charging these nations with engaging in a covert conflict with Russia.

Russian officials also emphasized that Western tanks will be Russia’s “legitimate target” on the battlefield because the Russian army has sufficient armaments to combat them.

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