Russia deployed their most modern tank in the Ukraine conflict?

The video, which was shared on social media, is alleged to show the Russian T-14 Armata tank battling in Ukraine.

a video that purported to show Russia’s most current main battle tank, the T-14 Armata, in action in Ukraine.

The tank is seen hitting objects on the battlefield in the footage. It’s unclear when or where it was shot.

Russia has not responded to this report, but if genuine, this will be the first film showing Moscow’s T-14 participating in a military operation in a foreign country.

Observers said at the end of last year that photographs and videos circulating on social media at the time indicated that Moscow was making final preparations before delivering the T-14 Armata tank to Ukraine.

The British Ministry of Defense had earlier expected that the T-14 would be deployed to Ukraine, although it does not appear to have seen battle.

The Russian mechanical business Uralvagonzavod produces the main battle tank T-14 Armata. At the Victory Day parade in 2015, it was formally unveiled to the public. This Russian “super tank” is known as “invincible” because it can withstand all attacks and can fire powerful “fists” of fire. It also has a modern, sturdy structure and “powerful” weapons.

A 125mm caliber 2A82-1M smoothbore cannon on the T-14 Armata can fire 3UBK21 Sprinter laser-guided missiles with a maximum range of 12 kilometers. The Afghanit active defense system, which includes radar and sensors and can detect and neutralize guided missiles and anti-tank shells launched at the tank, is also installed. Malachit’s explosive reactive armor additionally aids this tank by lowering current anti-tank munitions’ penetrating potential by 50%.

The T-14 Armata tank’s modular design makes it simple to upgrade and repair as needed. This design also makes the new Russian main battle tank resistant to nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

The T-14 film was made public in light of last month’s agreement by the US, Germany, the UK, and many other Western nations to provide the Ukrainian army with M-1 Abrams, Leopard, and Challenger main battle tanks. Observers say that Western tanks can be a turning point in the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv as they will help the Ukrainian army overwhelm Russia’s firepower and launch massive counter-attacks against Russia. regain territory.

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