There are crucial parts missing from the US howitzers that were supplied to Ukraine.

First pictures of the US-provided M119A3 light howitzer have been released by the Ukrainian military.

Many important parts were not sent to Ukraine by the US with the M119A3 howitzer (Photo: Ukraine’s 67th Motorized Infantry Brigade).

On February 6, the Ukrainian army’s 67th Motorized Infantry Brigade published the first pictures of the US-delivered 105mm caliber M119A3 light howitzer that was part of the international military aid package that was revealed at the end of 2022.

Soldiers from Ukraine are seen practicing using this kind of howitzer in the picture. Observers soon discovered that the cannons shipped to Ukraine lacked numerous essential components, including an automatic fire control system, a fire control system, and a navigation system with a ballistic computer, even with the help of the most advanced version of the M119 howitzer.

For the new howitzers supplied to Ukraine, this is regarded as a significant blunder. Due to the absence of these parts, according to military analysts, the accuracy of the rounds fired from the M119A3 howitzer will be severely diminished.

The US Army’s M119A3 light howitzer is a potent weapon. This howitzer, which can fire six rounds per minute and has a range of up to 19.5 kilometres, would likely support Ukrainian artillery in taking on stronger Russian firepower. A 2.63kg warhead can also be fired by the M119A3 howitzer, increasing damage by up to 80%.

in particular, the m119a3 howitzer’s light weight of 4.7 tons makes it simple to carry by transport helicopters, enhancing mobility and response to the enemy’s forces.

the m777a2 howitzer was previously provided to ukraine by the us. military specialists claim that the m777a2 howitzers are fitted with cutting-edge electronic hardware, including the gps global positioning system and particularly the tad-pik automatic firing control module.

The Ukrainian army’s counterattacks to recover the area were considerably helped by the US-supported howitzers. However, the Russian military also asserted that it had destroyed numerous artillery complexes made in Ukraine by American and Western manufacturers.

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