Russia declared that it had cut off the Ukraine’s access to Western weapons.

Moscow claimed that the massive raid on February 10 disrupted Western military shipments into Ukraine in addition to destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov acknowledged that Moscow conducted a significant missile and drone attack on targets in Ukraine on February 10 during a press briefing on February 11.

According to Ukraine, a total of 71 cruise missiles and 7 Shahed drones had been launched by Russia. The majority of these missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, according to Kyiv, were reportedly shot down, but Konashenkov says that the Russian operation “had achieved all its targets.”

He said that in addition to destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, the raid also blocked vital roads and trains that the West uses to transport weapons into the country. Mr. Konashenkov omitted to mention the direction of the attack.

However, late on February 10 in Russia and Ukraine, a video appeared on social media that appeared to show the moment an unmanned aerial vehicle launched from the sea and targeted a railway bridge in the Zatoka district, roughly 50 kilometers southwest of Odessa. The drone is thought to have carried a significant amount of explosives, which it is thought to have detonated after rapidly crossing the river and getting close to the bridge.

Although its military acknowledged that Russia employed the technique of attacking with drones from the water, Ukraine has not responded to the information. It is thought that one of the points of transit for Western weapons into Ukraine is the bridge, which connects Ukraine and Romania via train.

Since the Russia-Ukraine crisis started about a year ago, the West has consistently provided Kiev with military equipment, despite Moscow’s warnings that these weapons would end up being a legitimate target of Russia’s strike. Due to the complexity of the conflict, most Western weapons entering Ukraine are transported by land. Before being carried by road or train to Ukraine, they are gathered in various areas throughout a number of European nations. To guarantee the security of military shipments, these routes are closely secured.

Poland may serve as one of the major nodes in this transportation system. On February 10, Sergey Andreyev, the Russian ambassador to Poland, noted that Poland is the route taken by almost 90% of the Western military assistance given to Ukraine. Poland acts as a transportation route.

The aforementioned details were provided in the context of the West being ready to deliver advanced air defense systems and battle tanks at Kiev’s request. Some experts think Russia can start a major offensive before these weapons get to Ukraine.

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