There is a grave scarcity of ammunition in Ukraine.

According to Igor Zhovkva, Deputy Chief of the Office of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, the army is running out of ammunition due to the heavy combat and the supply is not being supplied in time.

Zhovkva claimed in an interview with Bloomberg on February 10 that Ukraine presently has almost no ammunition, making it difficult for the military to respond to Russian fire.

The fighting is very fierce, Zhovkva said, adding that the Russian side had more firepower. “We are running out of ammunition very quickly.”

The deputy chief of staff for Zelensky added that Kiev requires long-range missiles to recapture Ukrainian territory rather than to strike Russian objectives. The official claims that Kyiv will need this kind of weapon in order to launch a counterattack against Moscow’s forces.

Mr. Zhovkva also listed a number of reasons why Ukraine wants to acquire fighter jets in relation to the topic. He emphasised that these aircraft are “extremely useful in intercepting ballistic missiles” in addition to having other weaponry.

The representative of Ukraine expressed anticipation that the West would promise to give Kyiv more weaponry at the NATO military ministers’ meeting in the Ramstein format on February 14. He demanded that the West cease worrying about how Moscow would respond to this.

Western aid deliveries, according to Mr. Zhovkva, were “too late, too insufficient, and too slow.”

Before the news broke that Britain’s government would consider sending some fighter jets to Ukraine, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov issued a warning that Britain and several other European nations are becoming more and more involved in the crisis. sudden.

Peskov noted that the dispute is escalating because “the border between indirect and direct engagement in this conflict is gradually vanishing.” Peskov emphasised that despite unnecessarily prolonging the conflict, Western weaponry shipments won’t be able to alter the result or stop Russia from attaining its objectives.

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