Russia begins new production and modifications for 1,000 tanks.

Dmitry Medvedev, the vice chairman of the Russian Security Council, announced that the Russian Federation has started producing and modernizing 1,000 tanks at the UralVagonZavod Corporation’s Omsk facility.

Mr. Medvedev toured the manufacturing line and oversaw the execution of government contracts while on his working visit to the Omsk factory, paying particular attention to the supply of tanks. Russia must manufacture and update its arsenal of tanks and weaponry in order to respond to the “hostile act,” according to the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council.

Medvedev stated, “The manufacturing and modernisation of 1,000 tanks is on the program,” highlighting the fact that this was a fresh government directive coming straight from President Vladimir Putin.Mr. Alexander Potapov, General Director of UralVagonZavod Corporation, accompanied Mr. Medvedev. The representative assured Medvedev that the government’s directives would be followed promptly.

The T-80BVM tank, an enhanced variant of the T-80BV, was being produced and modernized when Mr. Medvedev visited the Omsk facility, according to a TASS news agency source. A new engine with a 1,250 horsepower capacity is paired with the T-80BVM tank’s 125 mm smoothbore cannon. A new multi-channel gunner’s sight, a new driver’s viewfinder, and a weapon stabilizer have all been added to the MBT as part of the update.

The underside of the turret is protected by a steel mesh with metal balls, which is part of the T-80BVM’s strengthened armor. They serve to shield the tank from direct contact with hostile drones. The suicide drone’s warhead will be detonated when it hits the net. The main armor of the tank will remain intact and only the steel mesh will sustain damage.

One of the most significant improved Russian tank versions is the T-80BVM, as is well known. Only the T-90M Proryv is more sophisticated and is currently regarded as the greatest MBT, and Russia began supplying T-80BVM to the army in 2019. However, there are indications that Western economic sanctions have been effective despite the good news for the Russian Federation and Mr. Medvedev’s confidence.

One of the first casualties of the sanctions was the T-80BVM tank. The application of the concept is actually simpler in the latest delivery of T-80BVMs than in the prior batch, despite some enhancements. For instance, the T-80BVM’s original viewfinder has been swapped out for one made for modernizing the considerably earlier T-62. Experts claim that the T-62 variant’s night vision is inferior to that of the TPN-3-49.

Additionally, according to sources, the 1A33 fire control system, a solution from the late 1970s, is where the 1G42 daylight sight and 1PN-96MT-02 thermal sight come from. The thermal imager on the tank is given extra attention by the observers. Previously, Russia had to assemble the aforementioned equipment with the help of the key components supplied by the French Thales Group.

The required parts still haven’t arrived after a year, Russia is using outdated machinery, indicating that their reserves are depleted, and the medium- or soon-to-be-released tanks will have few features.

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