Russia threatens to shoot down any Western fighter jet in Ukraine.

A Russian source has warned that if the West gives fighter jets to Ukraine, Russia’s air defense systems will easily wipe out the entire squadron in a matter of months.

Military cognizance was informed by Viktor Bondarev, a former head of the Russian Air Force and chairman of the Federal Council for Defense and Security, that every aircraft can be destroyed by Russian air defense systems. If they are sent to Ukraine, Western combat aircraft would arrive in just two to three months.

“Our air defense systems perform admirably. In two to three months, we will deplete all of Ukraine’s supplies. It will take them between six and twelve months to learn how to use them “How the West’s assistance to Ukraine would impact the ongoing conflict was addressed by Mr. Bondarev.

Ukraine has long requested combat aircraft from the US and its allies in order to improve its air defense systems and defend against Russian assaults. Due to concerns of an escalation and a direct confrontation with Russia, there has been no indication to yet that Western nations will decide to provide Kyiv with this equipment anytime soon.

Recently, the US and the UK declared it a “red line” and refused to supply F-16, F-35, and Typhoon fighter jets. Currently, the commitment to expand the training program for Ukrainian service members, including pilots of NATO-standard fighter aircraft, has been abandoned by the government of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

According to a recent Financial Times story, some US officials are reportedly prepared to send fighter jets to Ukraine if the crisis continues or to permit the re-export of F-16 fighter jets now in use by the forces of other nations. another nation. But US President Joe Biden declared on January 30 that Washington would not send F-16 fighter fighters to Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on February 13 that tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and ammunition are now the bloc’s priority in supplying weapons to Kiev, while combat aircraft are not an issue. most urgent today. This issue is just being discussed, he said.

According to Stoltenberg, the conflict in Ukraine is consuming large amounts of ammunition and putting pressure on NATO’s defense industry. The number of guns and weapons Ukraine used in the conflict with Russia has surpassed the production capacity of NATO member states. Therefore, he urged NATO members to increase weapons production and defense capabilities in the context of the increasingly fierce Ukraine conflict.

“The lead time for the production of large caliber ammunition will be about 12 to 28 months. Today’s orders will only be available in two and a half years. Therefore, we must accelerate production. and invest in its production capacity,” the NATO leader said.

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