Russian Army is fooled by Czech inflatable HIMARS and m270 dummies.

Ukraine received numerous inflatable replicas from the Czech Republic to deceive the Russian Army.

What justifies the Russian claim that dozens of HIMARS systems have been destroyed in the last year, which is more than the amount of American aid to Ukraine?

The bravery and sacrifice of the Allied soldiers as well as the Nazis’ delusions were two factors that contributed to the Allies’ victory in World War II and the Normandy landings. Hitler was aware of the landing, it is true, but it is unclear where it would take place.

The Allies took advantage of this fact, and through double espionage, agents confused Hitler’s army. Several kilometers from the actual landing site, hundreds of military jeeps, armored vehicles, tanks and aircraft were deployed. All of them were inflatable models, which confused the Nazis.

The inflatable model for Ukraine is another kind of “weapon” of vital importance. They allow real weapon systems to be hidden. It can be said that this diversion method was successful.

The Czech Republic actively supports Ukraine’s military. Prague also provided “stun guns,” which perplexed the Russian invaders, in addition to weaponry.

In the city of Decin, there is an inflatable model factory. Interesting information regarding the “bait’s” manufacturing process is revealed in a brief story by the local media.

Mr. Vojtech Fresser, an interviewee, said that his business was capable of producing up to 35 HIMARS models each month. Due to the fact that it was a military secret, he declined to specify how much of his goods was shipped to Ukraine.

We can make an educated guess based on information that is readily available, such the latest report that Russia destroyed 140% more HIMARS than was sent to Ukraine.

Since we produce Decin, it’s obvious that they have struck on some form of bait if the product is this popular, according to Mr. Fresser.

The inflated replica is a “significant weapon” and a successful defense for the Ukrainians.

They cannot destroy Russian military hardware but do decrease the number of Russian missiles that are available.

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