Russia doubles the number of warships in the Black Sea, indicating intensified attack.

Russia reportedly quadrupled the amount of vessels in the Black Sea on February 24, indicating that it may be getting ready to intensify its missile and drone attacks, according to Ukraine’s Southern Operations Command.

Eight warships are currently deployed, one of which is a missile boat equipped with eight Kalibr cruise missiles, according to the Southern Ukraine Operations Command, which was quoted by Military Cognizance.

Regular missile launches by the Russian Navy from the Black Sea Fleet are part of Moscow’s efforts to hit Ukraine’s vital infrastructure and power plants.

The Black Sea warship fleet has grown to eight ships from two this morning, according to a Facebook statement from the Southern Ukrainian Operations Command.

Given the activity of Russian military aviation, the Ukrainian side speculates that this might be an indication that Russia is getting ready for additional missile attacks and drone strikes.

The update states that this “may imply a missile attack, as well as drone strikes, are being prepared” in the context of adversary air activities.

On the aforementioned details, Russia has not yet made any remarks.

Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, is home to the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. On February 18, Ukraine said that two of the four Kalibr missiles Russia had launched from the Black Sea had been shot down. Also, the Grad multipurpose missile launcher, an unmanned aerial vehicle, and four armored battle vehicles were destroyed by the Ukrainian Rocket Force, Artillery, and Air Force.

On February 24, the anniversary of the start of the conflict, Ukrainians remembered their loved ones who had died and promised to continue fighting till victory. Russia claims that its troops are winning the battle in the east in the meantime.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky awarded medals to the servicemen and the mother of a fallen soldier at a ceremony held on Kiev’s Saint. Sophia’s Square. As he sung the national anthem, he made an effort to contain his tears.

Zelensky remarked in a televised speech that “we have come together as one family… Ukrainians have protected Ukrainians, giving their homes and hearts to those compelled to flee the violence.”

“We oppose all threats, including artillery, cluster bombs, cruise missiles, kamikaze drones, power shortages, and cold… And we’ll do everything it takes to triumph this year.

Mr. Zelensky is anticipated to participate in a virtual summit alongside US Vice President Joe Biden and other G7 leaders.

Together with a fresh $2 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Washington has also imposed new levies and penalties against companies from other countries and the Russian mining and metals industries for allegedly supplying Moscow with prohibited commodities. Similar actions were announced by other G7 nations.

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