‘6000 Russian nuclear warheads are sufficient to take out the entire world.’

Experts believe that even if half of Russia’s nuclear weapons were destroyed, the remaining 3,000 nuclear warheads would be enough to level the whole planet.

President Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s temporary suspension of participation in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) in a message read to the Federal Assembly on February 21, but he made clear that Moscow does not withdraw from the treaty.

Before discussing START again, the head of state of Russia underlined that we need to decide for ourselves what France and the United Kingdom will have. We will estimate the North Atlantic alliance’s collective strategic arsenal, or its combined capacity for offensive action against Russia, in advance.

In order to make the enemy pay a very high price, Moscow simultaneously announced a proportionate response to every of their provocations.

Russia will make all adversaries weep with its immense military capabilities and its nuclear arsenal, which is the largest in the world.

Along with creating new nuclear weapons, America is reportedly considering conducting nuclear weapons tests, according to Putin.

The President gave the Department of Defense and Rosatom instructions to make sure that Russia would be prepared to test nuclear weapons if the US did so first in light of this.

The US intelligence agency ranked Russia’s nuclear arsenal as the most potent in the world in its yearly report on threats.

The document states that Russia “maintains the largest and most powerful stockpile of nuclear weapons, and continues to grow and modernize its capabilities in the field of nuclear weapons.

According to intelligence, Russia is still developing its stockpile of long-range nuclear missiles and submarine launch systems despite possessing the most potent nuclear weapons in the world.

Also, Moscow is enhancing and modernizing a variety of contemporary, diverse, and contemporary non-strategic systems, such as missiles, that can transport both nuclear and conventional warheads. Hypersonic missiles with nuclear bombs and cruise missiles with nuclear propulsion

Against traditional US and allied forces, Moscow reportedly thinks that these technologies are a potent deterrent against hotheads, enabling them to halt the adversary and prevent the chance of hostilities escalating.

Ulrich Kuhn, the project coordinator for the thorough reduction of nuclear weapons, commented on Russia’s nuclear arsenal in an interview with ZDF television, saying that even with half of Russia’s nuclear arsenal damaged, there is still enough to leave the globe in ashes.

The expert claims that Russia has roughly 6,000 nuclear warheads, and even if half of them were damaged, Moscow still possessed enough nuclear power to end all life on Earth.

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