Ukraine’s fastest air defense complex in the world was destroyed by Russian UAVs

The Russian Defense Ministry has released a video showing the country’s Lancet suicide drone destroying Ukraine’s Stormer air defense complex.

In a video posted on March 11, the Russian Defense Ministry published an image of a British-aided Stormer HVM self-propelled air defense system being destroyed by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Lancet suicide of the army of this country.

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, London has donated at least 6 Stormer complexes to Kiev.

Stormer HVM has been built and put into service with the British Army since 1997 and more than 220 of these short-range air defense systems have been produced. Mounted on a Scorpion or Spartan infantry fighting vehicle chassis, the Stormer HVM is approximately 5.27 meters long, 2.76 meters wide and nearly 2.5 meters high. With a weight of 12.7 tons, this complex can still move at speeds of up to 80 km / h for a range of more than 650 km thanks to being equipped with Perkins diesel engines with a capacity of 250 horsepower.

The strongest point of the Stormer HVM is the Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles that this system is equipped with. According to the published specifications, a Stormer HVM complex has 8 missiles built into the launcher and 12 spare missiles are transported inside the vehicle.

Built by defense contractor Thales, the Starstreak’s most striking feature is its rapid acceleration after launching to Mach 4 (about 4,800 km/h), equivalent to four times the speed of sound. This hypersonic missile currently holds the record for the world’s fastest surface-to-air missile ever built.

The attack mechanism of this missile is to fire 3 auxiliary projectiles with 3 attached lasers. That means for each missile fired, there is a 2nd chance for it to hit the target with a laser-guided secondary projectile.

According to many analysts, the Stormer HVM systems have been very effective in protecting Ukrainian troops and equipment from Russian helicopters and ground attack aircraft.

Regarding the Lancet, this UAV is designed in the form of a suicide drone with the ability to hang in the air for hours and attack the target immediately after receiving instructions. With an impressive speed of about 110km/h, the ability to carry a warhead weighing up to 3kg, and integrated satellite navigation, Since being deployed to Ukraine, the Lancet has destroyed many targets. the enemy’s military, including modern weapons systems aided by the West to Kyiv.

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