Following the Philippines, Indonesia is looking to purchase the world’s fastest cruise missile BrahMos.

The world’s fastest cruise missile, the BrahMos, is made by a joint venture between Russia and India.

BrahMos missile complex of the Indian army during a parade ceremony

Atul D. Rane reports that the defense business BrahMos Aerospace anticipates concluding a deal this year to sell Indonesia supersonic cruise missiles for at least $200 million.

Atul D. Rane, director of BrahMos Aerospace, stated that the company seeks to increase its footprint in Southeast Asia. The Philippines, the first nation to purchase this missile series, approved spending over $ 375 million to purchase Brahmos last year.

For a very long period, BrahMos Aerospace has been negotiating this arrangement with Indonesia. The size of the deal is expected to be around 200-350 million USD.

“I have a team in Jakarta right now (for negotiation). The deal is of great importance to the Indonesian military “said Mr. Rane.

On this information, the Indonesian side is silent.

With a speed of Mach 2.8 (nearly 3,500 km/h), the BrahMos cruise missile is currently the fastest in the world. Its name is a combination of the names of the Russian Moskva and the Indian Brahmaputra rivers. BrahMos has a variation launched from an airplane, a warship, or a submarine in addition to the version that is launched from the ground. The improved version of this missile has a 500 km maximum range.

BrahMos can be used for land assault and coastal defense tasks. In response to the mounting dangers in the area, it will strengthen the Philippine military’s weaponry.

In view of the more complex developments in the region, Indonesia and the Philippines have increased their spending on the acquisition of weapons and other military hardware, according to statistics from defense intelligence firm Janes.

The data reveals that Indonesia’s investment in new weapons purchases increased by over 28% in 2021 and by 69% in 2022, while the Philippines’ expenditure increased by 29% in 2021 and by 40% in 2022 — both figures significantly higher than the Southeast Asian average.

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