Putin gave reasons for conducting a special military operation in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has explained the reason for conducting a special military operation in Ukraine in 2022 instead of starting earlier in 2014.

In an interview with Rossiya-1 TV channel on March 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the reason why Russia will conduct a special military operation in 2022. Accordingly, economic and military factors had a great influence on Russia’s decision.

According to Putin, Russia needs to be economically prepared to be ready for the conflict in Ukraine. In 2021 and 2022, good crop yields, new import policies, and an improvement in the country’s finances have become the right conditions for Moscow.

Besides, according to the Russian President, Russia’s military potential in 2022 is stronger than in 2014, especially with the appearance of hypersonic weapons such as Kinzhal missiles.

“We had to do a lot to develop the army’s potential, but in 2014 we didn’t have hypersonic weapons. We don’t have to use them yet, but these weapons are now available to Russia. development. Do you understand? Those are systems that use cutting-edge technology and did not exist in 2014,” Putin said.

President Putin also said that this conflict could have been resolved by peaceful means. However, it also demonstrates Moscow’s ability to react quickly to emergency situations.

On February 24, the armed forces of the Russian Federation carried out a large-scale military offensive against targets on the territory of Ukraine. According to initial calculations by the Russian military, the Russia-Ukraine conflict could last only about 100 hours. However, more than a year has passed, and the conflict between the two neighbors in Europe has not shown any signs of abating.

After a year of fierce fighting, both Russia and Ukraine have suffered heavy losses in life, property, and military equipment.

In the coming time, observers believe that the conflict may develop in a more intense direction when Russia and Ukraine step up their combat plans to soon achieve their goals. The Ukrainian military is said to be looking to organize a counterattack to soon regain territories controlled by Russia with the support of heavy weapons transferred by Western allies.

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