Depleted uranium rounds are capable of being intercepted by Russian Afghanit!

Although depleted uranium rounds are now considered to be the most lethal, analysts think it won’t be too difficult for Russia to intercept them.

After Britain said it will give the Ukrainian Army Challenger 2 tanks and depleted uranium ammo, Lenta daily revealed information based on sources in the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian Military Ministry claimed that the main battle tank it uses can deal with any kind of sophisticated anti-tank ammunition, even if it contains depleted uranium, thanks to the Afghanit Active Protection System (APS).

Added the source: “The risks posed by current anti-tank munitions, including ammunition containing depleted uranium, have been taken into account by the Russian military when creating this new active interceptor system.

We have put a lot of effort into intercepting the common NATO armor-piercing shells made of depleted uranium. The APS system is now being enhanced, particularly the computer algorithms that manage the interception.”

The active electronically scanned array radar created by the Tula Design Bureau is the brain of the APS system. The main battle tank T-14 Armata and the heavy infantry fighting vehicle T-15 Armata are both equipped with this system, which can successfully intercept bullets traveling at 1.5 to 2 kilometers per second or faster.

If this information is accurate, according to defense expert Dave Majumdar of the National Interest, Russia’s Afghanit active defensive system will mark a paradigm-shifting turning point in contemporary mechanized warfare.

“Western troops could run into major difficulties if Russia really makes a breakthrough in the fight against depleted uranium ammunition because, in addition to T-14 and T-15, Afghanit can also be deployed as a last resort. Russia joined the T-90M program, “David Majumdar wrote.

According to British Deputy Defense Minister Annabel Goldie, the Challenger 2 tanks that will soon be given to the Ukrainian Army will be outfitted with the Uranium super round.

Soon after, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced Britain’s intention to transfer depleted uranium-based weapons to Ukraine, warning that Moscow would be obligated to take appropriate action given the weapons’ nuclear component.

The Russian president declared that Moscow would view bullets made of depleted uranium as having nuclear components. Putin added, “I would want to note that should this occur, then Russia will be forced to react properly, noting that the West has already started utilizing weapons with a nuclear component.

The move would push the globe closer to a nuclear catastrophe, as previously warned by the Russian Defense Minister Shoigu.

Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus and a close supporter of President Putin, added that Russia will respond to Britain’s action by providing Belarus with real uranium-containing munitions.

On March 22, Lukashenko warned reporters, “As soon as this ammo bursts into the position of the Russian army, you will see a terrifying reaction; it will be a lesson for the entire planet.”

The Belarusian president called for a calm response in addition to warning Britain: “Russia not only has poor uranium… We need to stop the confrontation from escalating and work toward a peaceful resolution.

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