In Avdeevka the UK claims that Russia lost a significant number of tanks.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the lack of strategy in the frontal charge caused the Russian regiment to lose a significant number of tanks on the battlefield in Avdeevka.

The 10th Panzer Regiment of Russia, which is attempting to encircle Avdeevka from the south, could suffer significant tank losses. One of the first significant large-scale units of the Russian army is the 3rd corps, which includes this regiment. Since August 2022, Russia has been a party to the conflict in Ukraine, according to information released on March 28 by the British Ministry of Defense.

The organisation claims that despite receiving training in Belarus, the 3rd Army Corps of Russia “suffered problems such as discipline and bad morale” and “looks to still demonstrate limited combat capability.”

The British Ministry of Defense came to the conclusion that “the casualties of the 10th Panzer Regiment can be attributed to a direct attack without tactics, comparable to the previous unsuccessful Russian tank and armoured attacks, such as around the city of Ugledar.”

Regarding the evaluation made by the British Ministry of Defense, Russia has not yet responded.

Russian forces have intensified their onslaught against Avdeevka, a city near to the same-named provincial capital of Donetsk, in addition to the Bakhmut front. On March 27, Ukrainian authorities ordered the evacuation of locals and shut down a number of services, including mobile networks, because of the presence of numerous enemy informants.

Russian-appointed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) leader Denis Pushilin declared on March 28 that the situation facing the Ukrainian army in Avdeevka was “extremely critical.” Pushilin further reaffirmed that Avdeevka is still being advanced upon by Russian soldiers, who “will free the city swiftly.”

After engaging in combat with separatist militias in the Donetsk region, the Ukrainian army has been bolstering its defences in Avdeevka since 2014. Avdeevka might turn into the second Bakhmut, according to a representative of the Ukrainian fighting group there last week, who acknowledged that Russian forces were attempting to encircle the city.

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