Ukraine publishes images of dissecting Russian suicide drones

Ukraine posted pictures of it looking inside the Russian Geran suicide drone that the West and Kyiv suspect is Moscow bought from Iran.

Kiev released images of the inside of the Geran UAV that Russia used to attack targets in Iran.

The West and Ukraine suspect that Geran is a Shahed suicide drone manufactured by Iran and purchased by Russia to repaint. Iran admits to selling a small number of UAVs to Russia before the war in Ukraine broke out but has stopped supplying more, while Moscow claims to only use domestic drones in the war with Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the dissection results show that most of the components in the above UAV appear to be of Western production. Ukraine shot down this UAV from a height of 150m with light weapons.

Ukraine says that Russian suicide drones often have a warhead weighing 40-50kg inside. The most important part of the UAV is the CRPA antenna, which is used to counter enemy electronic warfare measures.

“After disassembling the Shahed, Ukrainian experts have come to the conclusion that most of the parts are manufactured by Western countries,” the statement read and called for tightening restrictions on imports of goods into Iran. to prevent Tehran from producing UAVs.

In addition, dissecting the opponent’s weapons equipment also allows the Ukrainian military to detect weaknesses and find more effective methods of interception.

Russia started using Geran in October 2022, in an attempt to massively attack Ukraine’s vital infrastructure, leaving Kyiv and many major cities without power over the winter. The West believes that Russia wants to put pressure on the opponent when they face some setbacks on the battlefield.

The Shahed is designed to self-destruct on impact and has a low range, enough to evade radar. The UAV is also relatively inexpensive compared to more advanced weapons such as missiles, making it often used in large numbers to attack enemy cities and military positions. With a 40kg warhead, the Shahed-136 can deal significant damage.

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