Hundreds of modern T-90M Proryv tanks were deployed by Russia in this conflict.

Our source inside the Russian defence ministry reports that the Russian Armed Forces have acquired several hundred modern tanks for use in war operations.

Our insider asserts that the Russian defence industry has already sent hundreds of modern tanks to the area used for military operations.

The majority of these are T-90M Proryv tanks and highly upgraded T-72B3M vehicles.

According to the source, they possess tactical and technological qualities that are “at least on par with the most advanced means of foreign countries,” including weaponry, fire control systems, protection, mobility, and situational awareness.

The source emphasized that the T-90M and T-72B3M are “absolutely superior in combat characteristics to such tanks, including those of NATO countries,” that are already available to Ukrainian soldiers or would soon be provided to them.

The Russian tank can efficiently withstand anti-tank weapons (particularly shaped projectiles and armor-piercing projectiles) from practically any angle thanks to an additional dynamic protection system that is installed in the army’s T-90M and T-72B3M tanks.

A significantly updated version of the T-72B is the T-72B3M. The machine has a brand-new 125 mm gun-launcher, a new Relict dynamic protection system, and a 1130 hp engine.

Moreover, this tank has the newest fire control system. The T-72B3M and Proryv tank are comparable in terms of their combat abilities.

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