Video: Russian flamethrowers launch thermobaric projectiles to destroy enemy trenches

Russia used a Bumblebee flamethrower to fire thermobaric projectiles that destroyed Ukraine’s trenches with a precision strike.

The Russian military posted a video of the Shmel-M Bumblebee flamethrower ambushing an opponent during a special military operation in Ukraine.

The video shows the flamethrower firing an improved Shmel-M thermobaric shell, destroying enemy trenches with a precision strike. According to experts, Shmel-M launches thermobaric projectiles with a maximum range of 1,700km.

“Shmel-M” was created in the 1980s. Currently, this weapon is in service with several armies, and it is used as the main weapon of infantrymen and tanks.

The “Shmelya-M” thermobaric fire on the Shmel-M contains a large number of high explosives and powders, which, when detonated, form a flammable air mixture and strike the target with a powerful wave of fire and pressure.

With 2.1kg of thermobaric explosive fuel, the gun has the same destructive power as a high-explosive 107mm shell but can create a fire area with extremely high temperatures radiating around in a radius of more than 3m in a For a long time surrounds the target, dealing great damage. 

This makes the Bumblebee flamethrower a very dangerous weapon on the battlefield, especially used to ambush fortified targets in buildings, caves, and canyons. It is also capable of destroying fortifications, bunkers, and light armor. 

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