Watch Video: Russian artillery ambushes destroy Ukrainian military convoy

Russian forces coordinated to destroy the armored convoy of the Ukrainian army in the city of Kremennaya.

Artillery forces of the Russian army, in close coordination with drones, targeted and attacked the armored convoy of the Ukrainian armed forces in the city of Kremennaya.

Images from the released video show that the Ukrainian armored convoy was destroyed by Russian fire. It is not yet known if there were any casualties from the incident.

Ukraine has not yet commented on the attack.

The fighting in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine has so far shown no signs of abating. Both Russia and Ukraine are trying to gain more territories, despite heavy losses on both sides.

The West continues to provide military aid to Ukraine, including tanks, armored vehicles, and air defense systems, as Kiev is said to be preparing a large-scale counterattack.

Russian officials have repeatedly warned that any foreign weapons brought into Ukraine will become the target of Russia’s lawful attack, destruction, and seizure. Moscow also believes that the West’s continuous transfer of weapons to Kiev will only prolong the conflict and risk spreading.

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