The US approved the deployment and use of HIMARS to counter nuclear weapons in Belarus.

In order to respond to Belarus’s deployment of tactical nuclear missiles, the US is thinking about stationing a significant number of M142 HIMARS guided missiles in Poland and the Baltic nations.

It’s possible that the US’s deployment of the M142 HIMARS long-range guided rocket artillery systems to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland is in retaliation to Russia’s placement of tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil.

The Union State of Russia-Belarus and the aforementioned nations are all members of the North Atlantic Military Union (NATO), hence the United States aims to take advantage of the current circumstance to deploy its armaments in these nations.

Official data from Washington indicate that up until this point, the US has not become aware of the presence of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil.

The United States intends to supply ballistic missile defence systems and tactical cruise missiles to Belarus’ and Russia’s neighbours as a “deterrence measure,” though.

Russia and Belarus will be seriously threatened if American offensive weapon systems are stationed in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

It should be mentioned that the M142 HIMARS complexes are also outfitted with next generation PrSM ammunition, reaching an effective range of 500 km and capable of carrying a tactical nuclear warhead, in addition to the long-range GMLRS 70 or ATACMS missiles that can go up to 300 km.

According to the study, the 9M723 type of the Iskander-M complex is not significantly superior to the American PrSM missile’s tactical technological qualities.

The decision to move HIMARS is undoubtedly one that Moscow will have to carefully consider if the plan materialises.

According to experts, ties between Russia and the West are about to take a major turn for the worst and may possibly start a second Cold War.

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