Ukraine uncovers Russia’s unstoppable weapon

Ukraine acknowledges that it does not yet have the means to stop Russia’s 500 kg wing-guided bombs, which Kyiv views as a fresh danger.

According to Yuriy Ihnat, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, Russia’s recent dropping of winged guided bombs from aircraft outside the defence range of Ukraine offers a new threat to the Kiev side, according to New Voice of Ukraine.

According to earlier reports, on March 24, ten Russian Su-35 warplanes attacked the province of Sumy with 11 guided bombs and Kh-31P missiles. Four days later, a bomb was detonated on Bilopillia in the Sumy region by Russian forces.

Ihnat declared, “500 kilogramme bombs travel tens of kilometres. This is a new menace to Ukraine.”

The FAB-500M-62 bomb, which is believed to be used by Russian military forces, has an airborne guiding system dubbed the Modul Planirovaniya I Korrektsi (MPK), or “correction and glide module.”

An image of an unexploded FAB-500 bomb on the streets of Kuibyshevsky, Donetsk, was posted on various news websites. A picture of an FAB-500M-62 bomb with an enigmatic retrofit had already surfaced on the front line.

The weapon was then compared by onlookers to the JDAM smart bomb that the US had given to Ukraine. As Russia deployed an FAB-500M-62 with smart navigation, information about Ukraine’s use of JDAM in Bakhmut also surfaced.

Without a mechanism to deflect hazardous Russian guided bombs, Ukraine is in danger, making it clear that they needs backup from Western multi-role fighters to counter the new danger.

“Regarding this circumstance, action must be taken. Ukraine needs Western jets in addition to air defence equipment, “He was tense.

The FAB-500M-62 bomb, which weighs 500 kg, is the Russian army’s most potent non-nuclear bomb at the moment. The FAB-500M-62 bomb, which is a fragmentation bomb, is frequently employed to damage enemy vitality direction, light armoured equipment, railway transit junctions, and military infrastructure.

The FAB-500M-62 bomb, which may be integrated on a variety of aircraft such the Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, Su-24, or MiG-29, can fly for around 15 km after being dropped from a great height of 570 to 12,000 metres. The FAB-500M-62 bomb can travel at a ground speed of up to 1,900 km/h, which enables it to generate more kinetic energy when it collides with a target, increasing its devastating force.

The MPK is thought to be the FAB-500M-62 bomb’s soul and wings. The MPK assists Russian aircraft in launching bombs from a great distance, past Ukraine’s defences, in addition to providing precise guidance.

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