Russia equips its air force with thermobaric fire for the first time in the war in Ukraine

For the first time in history, the Russian Air Force is equipped with the TOS-1A heavy thermobaric fire god and used for special military operations in Ukraine.

Sputnik quoted a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry on April 3, saying that the handover ceremony of the TOS-1A super gun to the Russian air force participating in the military operation in Ukraine took place at one of the radar bases.

Alexei Goncharov, head of the Russian Air Force’s Agency for Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Defense, said that the West has no match for the TOS-1A and that the system could “sow fear into the world.” enemy”.

“You are given formidable weapons that the West does not have, which can instill fear in our enemies,” Goncharov said at the handover ceremony.

The TOS-1A system is also known as Solntsepyok. This is a multiple-launch system consisting of 24 thermobaric missiles, capable of targeting soldiers, weapons, and any enemy fortifications in an area equivalent to 6 football fields, up to 40,000m2.

The TOS-1A series rocket launcher has been in service since 1987 and is one of the most powerful weapons in the Russian army’s artillery arsenal.

Designed to attack enemy infantry in fortifications and light armored vehicles, the TOS-1A is capable of launching missiles with thermobaric or incendiary warheads.

TOS-1A Solntsepyok has a range of about 3-4km and uses missiles with high destructive power. In addition, Solntsepyok also uses a thermobaric warhead, allowing the injection of flammable liquids when hitting the target and igniting.

Previously, Russian forces participating in the special military operation used this system to destroy Ukrainian positions.

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