“Russia Unleashes Killer Robot on the Battlefield to Take on Western Tanks”

Russia has brought the Maker combat robot to Donbass to conduct test operations with the goal of dealing with Western tanks in the near future.

Local News channels reported that the former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, the head of the military advisory organization Tsar Wolves Dmitry Rogozin, announced that the country was conducting tests related to ground-based unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with anti-missile in the Donbass area.

A video posted last weekend shows the robot Marker firing a Kornet missile that specializes in dealing with tanks.

Mr. Rogozin previously stated that Marker’s primary objective in combat would be to eliminate the Abrams and Leopard tanks that have been transferred to Ukraine by Western nations. He explained that the robot would be equipped with technology capable of identifying and targeting American and German tanks as soon as they are delivered to the Ukrainian army. Russia has asserted that the Kornet anti-tank missile is capable of taking down the German Leopard 2 main battle tank. Nonetheless, military expert Samuel Bendett believes that tests such as those shown in the video shared by Rogozin may not be sufficient to guarantee the robot’s efficacy.

According to Mr. Bendett, the conducted tests of Marker were executed in an unobstructed open field, devoid of any impediments such as debris, ditches, or structures. Despite Ukraine’s expansive and unobstructed terrain, the robot will inevitably encounter more intricate terrains in actual combat scenarios, which it must effectively navigate. Furthermore, the robot’s proficiency in launching anti-tank missiles while stationary is being evaluated, although it is expected to perform such actions while in motion during live encounters.

As per recent reports from Russian state media, production of the Marker robot is set to commence on a large scale for deployment on the Ukrainian battlefield. The Marker is equipped to operate independently and undertake field tasks, along with the capability to detect targets from distances as far as 15km away. Additionally, the robot is adept at accurately identifying and engaging targets with its array of weapons.

An official at the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research, Oleg Martyanov, claimed that the Marker has been “trained” to strike targets at a pace significantly faster than that of humans. According to Ria Novosti, the Marker is Russia’s most advanced robot in terms of autonomous movement, owing to its utilization of artificial intelligence technology for object recognition.

As per the latest report by Ria Novosti, Marker, powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, boasts of the most advanced autonomous movement capabilities in Russia. A remarkable aspect of Marker is its potential to replace human soldiers in high-risk missions like disrupting enemy lines, setting up ambushes, and infiltrating hostile territories. This development aligns with the current global trend of integrating AI and robotics in military operations to enhance precision and reduce human casualties.

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