Boss Wagner Urges Russia to End Ukraine Conflict: Is Peace on the Horizon?

The head of Wagner Group expressed that Russia has accomplished its objectives in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. In light of this, he has suggested that Moscow consider concluding the military campaign and instead focus on consolidating its control over the regions it presently holds.

On April 14th, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of private military group Wagner, stated that the Russian government and society are now faced with a number of significant decisions regarding their special military operation. Ideally, the announcement of the operation’s end would come after Russia has achieved its planned objectives.

According to Prigozhin, Russia has successfully accomplished its mission, as their army has eliminated a considerable number of fighters within the Ukrainian armed forces. The violent conflict resulted in the loss of life for numerous Ukrainian male citizens, and others have fled to Europe.

Furthermore, Russia has gained control over the entire Azov coast, the majority of the Black Sea, and established a corridor connecting the Crimean peninsula with western regions of the country. Prigozhin remarked that the only remaining task is to strengthen their foothold in order to maintain control of these areas.

As of now, Russian officials have not commented on Prigozhin’s proposal.

In a statement, the chief of Wagner group highlighted that conflicts can give rise to new problems. Since the outbreak of war in February 2022, Ukraine has received tens of billions of dollars in aid from the European Union, which according to Mr. Prigozhin, has been taken advantage of by several Ukrainian officials.

The Wagner group’s units are playing a pivotal role in the Russian advancement in the central region of Bakhmut, located in Donetsk. Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) have covered their flanks from the north and south, thereby preventing any potential Ukrainian flanking attacks.

Due to their participation in the Russian campaign and actions that undermine or threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence, Prigozhin and the Wagner group have been subjected to numerous sanctions imposed by the West. On April 13, the EU added Wagner to its list of sanctioned entities.

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