US General Reveals the Reason Behind JDAM’s Inability to Hit Targets

General David T. Pyne, who previously served as the commander of a US special operations unit, has stated that the Russian electronic warfare capabilities are so strong that they were able to disrupt the effectiveness of the JDAM guided bombs supplied by the US to Ukraine, giving the Russian forces an advantage.

According to David T. Pyne, a US military source has indicated that Russia’s electronic warfare (EW) networks pose a significant threat to forces that Moscow considers adversaries. Pyne notes that Russian EW systems are causing US-made smart bombs, also known as Direct Attack Ammunition (JDAM), to miss their targets repeatedly in the Ukrainian region due to jamming. He adds that this is not surprising given Russia’s expertise in electronic warfare, particularly in jamming long-range GPS, which is unmatched by any other country.

Pyne highlights Russia’s military doctrine of achieving electronic superiority and supremacy at the outset of any conflict, and notes that Russia is successfully employing this doctrine in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. He suggests that Russian EW systems could be used to jam satellite navigation and navigation signals, making it impossible for Ukrainian military forces to use precision-guided munitions. Pyne believes this could explain why leaked top-secret documents indicate that the US does not believe Ukraine’s upcoming spring counterattack in the Zaporozhye region will be successful.

Pyne goes on to explain that what makes Russian EW systems unique is their ability to jam not only enemy radar and communications, but also navigation and navigation signals. He notes that Russian EW jamming systems have a much longer range than their Western counterparts, with a purported range of about 200-500km.

In a recent statement, it was underscored by Pyne that the Russian electronic warfare (EW) systems have the capability to launch cyberattacks against adversaries. The malfeasance is achieved through the transmission of harmful codes that infect the internet and communication channels of the enemy. The EW systems can also transmit misguiding or disheartening messages to military personnel and civilians of the opposition.

Pyne further stated that Russia’s cyber and EW capabilities have yet to be fully demonstrated, despite being acclaimed as the best in the world by several national security analysts. The capabilities of the EW systems enable Russia to blind early warning mechanisms and disrupt or significantly degrade the military command and control structures of potential opponents, impeding their ability to undertake offensive or defensive operations.

The Russian Army is currently equipped with a host of sophisticated EW systems such as Krasukha, Moscow, Infauna, Leer, and Triad. Several of these systems were employed in the special military operation carried out by Russia in Ukraine.

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