Tomahawk Tsunami: US Aims to Crush Russian Defenses with 5,000 Missiles

US plans to use 5,000 Tomahawk missiles to overwhelm Russian air defenses in the Tomahawk Tsunami, creating a major challenge for Russia.

The New York Times, a prominent news publication in the United States, has released an analysis indicating that NATO is currently working on a plan to simulate an immediate threat against Russia. As per the plan, NATO would send 5,000 missiles to targets in Russia, overwhelming their air defense system with too many targets to handle. The weapons identified for use are medium-range cruise missiles, including the Tomahawk.

The article suggests that this lightning strike could disable the opponent’s decision-making abilities as the missiles would target and destroy key decision-making centers. This plan, if implemented, could have significant consequences for the region and international relations.

Several defense experts, including Boris Kozin, who is a member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, have given their feedback prior to the aforementioned development.

Expert Kozin has raised doubts about the reliability of recent reports in the US publication The New York Times, which suggest that the US is preparing for a direct confrontation with Russia. According to Kozin, the newspaper often cites anonymous sources without verification, which could indicate false information aimed at misleading Russia or causing fear.

Kozin also suggests that the US may be waiting for a response from Russia before taking further steps. In response to potential disinformation, Kozin recommends publishing information in Russian newspapers as a means of countering it. However, the analyst cautions that the current situation of direct confrontation between the US and its allies with Russia remains uncertain.

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