Norway responds fiercely after being struck by a missile from a neighboring nation!

A rocket originating from Sweden experienced a crash into a mountainside located in northern Norway.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has expressed discontent with Sweden for failing to promptly notify Norwegian authorities that a research rocket launched from Sweden had landed in Norwegian territory, according to a report by The Guardian on April 25.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry stated that incidents like this could cause severe damage, and it is vital for those responsible to immediately inform relevant Norwegian authorities through appropriate channels when a border breach occurs.

On April 24, the Maxus research rocket was launched from the Esrange Space Center in Kiruna, northern Sweden. However, it crashed down a mountainside in the Målselv region of northern Norway, about 10km away from the inhabited area. No injuries were reported, and there was no material damage.

The Swedish rocket was carrying out experiments in zero gravity at an altitude of 250km. The Swedish Space Corporation reported on April 24 that the rocket had followed a longer trajectory than expected and crashed into Norway. The corporation also noted that debris recovery was underway. However, the recovery of the missile body requires permission from the Norwegian authorities, which has not yet been granted.

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority learned about the rocket crash from the press release of the Swedish Space Corporation on April 24.

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