BREAKING: Iran Endangers Israeli Fighter Jets in Latest Provocation!

Iran has announced its willingness to offer state-of-the-art defensive weaponry to Syria with the aim of bolstering the country’s security measures.

Iran has developed advanced air defense systems, such as the Khordad-15, which can detect and shoot down multiple targets simultaneously. Equipped with anti-aircraft missiles and the long-range Sayyad-3 missile series, the system is capable of intercepting a variety of targets, including ballistic missiles, and can engage manned aircraft at a safe distance. With a detection range of 85km and a shooting range of 45km, the Khordad-15 boasts a fast deployment and recovery time of less than 5 minutes, and a firing ceiling of 27km.

Despite facing sanctions from the US and the West, Iran has successfully developed domestic weapons with similar features to those of imported products and aims to export these products. The effectiveness of Iranian weapons was demonstrated when the Khordad-15 shot down a US Navy MQ-4C Triton drone over the Persian Gulf.

The deployment of the Khordad-15 in Syria poses a significant threat to Israeli fighters, forcing the Israeli Air Force to exercise caution when conducting targeted airstrikes within Syrian territory. As such, the system represents a formidable addition to the Iranian air defense network and is likely to strengthen Iran’s position in the region.

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