Russia mass-produced Su-57 stealth fighters to launch into the Ukraine battlefield?

Su-57 stealth fighter will be accelerated production, according to comments, this is directly related to the military situation in Ukraine. A new batch of Su-57 stealth fighters will be sent to the Russian Aerospace Forces in the near future, why is the fifth generation fighter especially necessary at this time? The Gagarin Aviation Plant in … Read more

Ukraine launched the Pechora-2D air defense complex into battle when the Buk-M1 was exhausted

Ukraine’s Pechora-2D air defense complex can pose a great risk to Russian fighters when they are launched into battle. Currently, the main force of the fire network protecting the sky over Ukraine is the Buk-M1 systems, but due to the sharp decrease in ammunition reserves after 7 months of fighting when the aid has not … Read more

Can’t wait, Iran will ‘abandon’ the Su-35S and buy MiG-29SMT?

The prospect of the Iranian Air Force deciding to skip the Su-35S fighter to choose the MiG-29SMT is being mentioned by the media. In early September, Iran’s Air Force Commander General Hamid Vahedi said that Russia’s purchase of Su-35S fighter jets is being considered by this country, leading to the prediction that 64 fighters of … Read more

The Russian military is ready to get “awful goods,” while Ukraine claims to have lost “a trillion dollars.”

The Russian Air Force is slated to acquire improved Su-57 fighters by the end of the year, while Ukraine alleges that the conflict with Russia has cost it $1 trillion.Russia’s Rostec defense technology corporation has announced that the nation will enhance Su-57 manufacturing, a cutting-edge fifth-generation fighter. According to Sergey Chemezov, the head of Rostec, … Read more

Russia is concerned that the secret of the T-90M Proryv tank is in the hands of the US

Russia’s most advanced T-90M Proryv tank may be in US hands for research, some military experts in Moscow have expressed such concern. Recently in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian armed forces captured a T-90M Proryv tank that was left behind by the Russian army when it was withdrawn in good technical condition, completely ready to … Read more