The four scenarios for how China might invade Taiwan range from a drawn-out siege to a 48-hour blitz that would be “so rapid the West has little time to react.”

The invasion would be finished in two days, which is how long it estimates it would take the West to respond, in the most ominous scenario. This would involve a massive land, sea, and air attack. Fears of an invasion have increased since China ringed Taiwan with vast amounts of military hardware while engaging in … Read more

The US sent an amphibious assault ship to Russia’s armpit

The US Navy said it sent the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge to the Baltic Sea to “strengthen relationships with allied nations and partners in the region”. The USS Kearsarge will continue to undertake several missions in the Baltic Sea and engage in joint training exercises with the Finnish army following the successful combat training … Read more

Russia’s ‘nuclear torpedo’ could spark a new cold war at sea

According to CNN sources, the Sevmash shipyard in the northern Russian port of Severodvinsk delivered the Belgorod submarine to the navy earlier this month. Belgorod, according to experts, is an improved Oscar II submarine outfitted with large-caliber cruise missiles (SSGN). Belgorod is unique in that it has stealthy torpedoes, devices for gathering intelligence, and the … Read more

Ukraine begins to regain Kherson, and Russia controls a large power plant in the east

Ukraine declared that the assault to reclaim the territory had started after raids on the Russian rear in Kherson. In the meantime, Russia has taken control of Ukraine’s second-largest power facility. On July 28, Oleksiy Arestovych, a presidential adviser for Ukraine, reportedly declared that the operation to reclaim Kherson had officially started after successfully cutting … Read more

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