China copied the US stealth destroyer USS Zumwalt?

Stealth destroyer USS Zumwalt is designed with a strange shape to maximize stealth as well as surfing, this is a warship that is said to open up a revolution in the field ofnaval warfare. Stealth destroyer USS Zumwalt is the most expensive and modern surface warship of the US Navy, this is also a weapon … Read more

The reason the Su-30 surpassed the F-15 Eagle, becoming the most popular fighter model in the world

Expensive costs and export restrictions have made the US F-15 Eagle heavy fighter inferior to the Su-30. Since the mid-1990s, Russia has been actively promoting the Su-30 Flanker twin-engine heavy fighter aircraft to military forces around the world, attracting customers on four continents as a is the most exported fighter in the Flanker family of … Read more

America’s best fighter could not survive against Russian air defenses

The F-15EX, America’s best 4.5-generation fighter, is still deemed “very vulnerable” to Russian anti-aircraft missiles. America’s best 4.5-generation fighter – the F-15EX will be an easy target in the fight with equal opponents, military expert Caleb Larson of 19FortyFive magazine has commented above. Last week, the new generation US F-15EX Eagle II heavy multirole fighter jet fired an … Read more

On the Ukrainian battlefield, the Switchblade UAV scored its first kill.

For the first time, the Ukrainian Army used the American Switchblade UAV on the battlefield, and it exceeded expectations The Switchblade UAV has not only made its way to the Ukrainian Army, but it is also being used to attack and destroy targets on the battlefield. The US Department of Defense only recently made this … Read more

Little is known about Russia’s nuclear reaction mechanism, dubbed “Death Hand.”

Without the need for human intervention, this system can unleash hundreds of nuclear missiles at adversaries. Russian forces have 700 nuclear weapons “carriers,” including strategic bombers, nuclear submarines, and missile silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles. Few people are aware, however, that one of them may operate autonomously and attack dangerous enemy objectives even if the … Read more

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