American aircraft were observed flying towards Odessa’s direction.

Three military helicopters and one military transport aircraft of the US Air Force were seen travelling from Romania towards the Ukrainian city of Odessa. Three US Air Force UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and an unidentifiable military cargo aircraft flew towards the Ukrainian border as it was captured by Flightradar24’s special services, which allowed for aerial … Read more

Ukraine launched the Pechora-2D air defense complex into battle when the Buk-M1 was exhausted

Ukraine’s Pechora-2D air defense complex can pose a great risk to Russian fighters when they are launched into battle. Currently, the main force of the fire network protecting the sky over Ukraine is the Buk-M1 systems, but due to the sharp decrease in ammunition reserves after 7 months of fighting when the aid has not … Read more

Can’t wait, Iran will ‘abandon’ the Su-35S and buy MiG-29SMT?

The prospect of the Iranian Air Force deciding to skip the Su-35S fighter to choose the MiG-29SMT is being mentioned by the media. In early September, Iran’s Air Force Commander General Hamid Vahedi said that Russia’s purchase of Su-35S fighter jets is being considered by this country, leading to the prediction that 64 fighters of … Read more

The Russian military is ready to get “awful goods,” while Ukraine claims to have lost “a trillion dollars.”

The Russian Air Force is slated to acquire improved Su-57 fighters by the end of the year, while Ukraine alleges that the conflict with Russia has cost it $1 trillion.Russia’s Rostec defense technology corporation has announced that the nation will enhance Su-57 manufacturing, a cutting-edge fifth-generation fighter. According to Sergey Chemezov, the head of Rostec, … Read more

Ukraine wants to own a “dreadful” EW system after Iranian UAVs caused severe artillery damage.

Ukraine is expected to benefit from the EW Koral system, which was built in Turkey to help defeat Iranian UAVs on the battlefield. According to Colonel Rodion Kulagin of the Ukrainian Army, Russia utilised Iranian UAVs of the Shahed-136 type (also known as Geran-2) to attack during the counteroffensive battle in Kharkiv on September 18. … Read more