The advantages and disadvantages of Germany’s Gepard anti-aircraft system supplied to Ukraine

In light of Kyiv’s desire to retaliate against Russian attacks using drones built in Iran, Germany has agreed to supply more Gepard anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine. Both pros and weaknesses of this system exist. Actively enhancing Ukraine’s air defence capabilities is Germany On February 8, Andriy Yermak, the chief of staff to Ukrainian President Zelensky, … Read more

A almost $400,000 US missile failed to hit the target.

After the initial AIM-9X missile, which cost $ 380,000, missed the target, the US F-16 had to fire another AIM-9X missiles in order to destroy the mysterious object in Lake Huron. “The F-16 fighter’s initial AIM-9X missile was off-target. When the second missile struck its target, “On February 13, an unidentified US official with knowledge … Read more

Three Russian military jets are intercepted by Dutch F-35 fighters over Poland.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, three Russian military jets were intercepted over Poland by Dutch F-35 fighters. According to a statement issued by the Dutch Ministry of Defense on February 13, two Dutch F-35 fighter jets intercepted a formation of three Russian military planes above Poland and guided them out of the area. … Read more

Russian airstrikes against Ukraine utilized unique weapons.

Russian military balloons were allegedly deployed in a raid on Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk area, according to the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainian Air Force Command accused Russia of employing a specialized military balloon to interfere with the Ukrainian air defense system during the raid on the Dnipropetrovsk region in a statement issued on February 12. “It is … Read more

In India, Russia showcases its most advanced, combat-tested Orlan-30 reconnaissance UAV.

At the international aviation exhibition Aero India 2023 in India, Russia’s newest Orlan-30 reconnaissance drone will make its debut. Russia frequently employs the Orlan UAV variant in Ukraine to collect intelligence on the Ukrainian military. The newest Orlan-30 reconnaissance drone will be on display for the first time by Russia’s state-owned armaments company Rosoboronexport during … Read more

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