Syrian MiG-29 ready to crush Turkish F-16

Under the guidance of Russia, the Syrian Air Force is trying to strengthen its ability to control the sky and prevent aggression from Turkey. Previously, Russian warplanes regularly helped Syria intercept Turkish and Israeli warplanes that violated its airspace. However, there are indications that Russia is looking to assist Syria so that it can better defend its airspace, … Read more

Drones in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Propaganda videos about the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict are circulating on social media. But what role do these drones really play in the conflict?     Several videos have gone viral on Ukrainian and Turkish social media channels in recent days, highlighting the benefits of the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone. Videos with English … Read more

Philippines accuses Chinese ship of entering territorial waters, summons Beijing’s ambassador

The Philippines has summoned Chinese Ambassador to Manila Huang Xilian for accusing Beijing’s ships of entering Philippine territorial waters in the Sulu Sea and not leaving when driven away. The Philippines’ foreign ministry on March 14 announced that the country on the same day summoned Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian to ask him to explain the … Read more

Germany buys 35 F-35 fighters amid security tensions

The German government ordered 35 F-35 fighters from the US in an effort to adjust its strategy amid security tensions in Europe. “After carefully considering all options, I decided to order the F-35 to replace the Tornado fighter to ensure the role of sharing nuclear deterrence,” German Defense Minister Christine Lambretcht said. March 14 announcement. … Read more

New tactics and old missiles of the Houthis beat down Saudi F-15s

Although only with old anti-aircraft missiles, with flexible tactics, the Houthi militia successfully shot down the F-15 fighter of the Saudi Air Force. On December 11, Yemen’s Houthi rebels released a video, confirming that they had damaged a Saudi Air Force F-15 fighter jet over Juba, Yemen. In the video, the air defence missile of the Houthi forces hit the … Read more