The reason why the Turkish missile system is difficult to compete with the Russian S-400 and the American Patriot

Turkey lacks the resources, both financially and professionally, to be able to build its own air defense systems that can compete with the Russian S-400 or the US Patriot. Turkey, currently the world’s 14th largest arms exporter, has been developing its military-industrial complex over the years as a national priority. However, Turkey still lacks the … Read more

Why did Indonesia choose the US F-15 for 5 times more expensive than the Russian Su-35?

Under pressure from Washington, Jakarta chose to buy an American F-15 fighter jet that is five times more expensive than a Russian Su-35 with almost equivalent features On February 11, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense signed a contract worth 13.9 billion USD to buy 36 Boeing F-15 Eagle heavy fighters from the US. This makes Indonesia … Read more

Syrian MiG-29 ready to crush Turkish F-16

Under the guidance of Russia, the Syrian Air Force is trying to strengthen its ability to control the sky and prevent aggression from Turkey. Previously, Russian warplanes regularly helped Syria intercept Turkish and Israeli warplanes that violated its airspace. However, there are indications that Russia is looking to assist Syria so that it can better defend its airspace, … Read more

Drones in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Propaganda videos about the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict are circulating on social media. But what role do these drones really play in the conflict?     Several videos have gone viral on Ukrainian and Turkish social media channels in recent days, highlighting the benefits of the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone. Videos with English … Read more

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