Indianising the Flanker: Necessity, Challenges, and Future

Already surpassed 2 decades of running and still anticipated to continue its services for at least the next ten years, the Sukhoi Su-30MKI “Flanker-H” has allowed the Indian Air Force to flaunt its capability to possess air superiority along with performing a wide range of missions in domains of air-to-ground combat. The heavyweight combat platform … Read more

Why does the Indian Su-30MKI fighter cost twice as much as the Russian Su-30SM?

Despite the Su-30MKI program’s success, some critics notice the relatively high cost of these fighters. Contentious issuesSince entering service with the Indian Airforce in 2002, the Su-30MKI has become the Indian Air Force’s heaviest and most proficient fighter (IAF). Today, this aircraft model serves as the “backbone” of one of South Asia’s most potent air … Read more

Taiwan aims to replace US self-propelled artillery amid contract stalemate

Taiwan’s Self-Defense Forces indicated that they were looking for a replacement for the US M109A6 cannon after Washington announced that the purchase would be many years late. “Due to an overloaded production line, we have been notified that delivery of the M109A6 self-propelled artillery systems will be delayed until until 2026. Officials are considering precision … Read more


This year, the Pakistan Air Force will get the FKD-900P and other EADS systems, as well as a Pakistan-specific derivative of the CHL-9/8 series of EW systems, to establish an integrated electronic warfare capability. The CHL-906/806/FKD-900/LDK-190 (and others) are included in the induction, along with indigenous jamming platforms, and are a ground-based offensive electronic countermeasures … Read more

The United States abandoned weapons worth more than $7 billion in Afghanistan.

After retreating its forces from Afghanistan in August 2021, the US left behind more over $7 billion in military equipment, according to the Pentagon. According to a report filed to Congress by the US Department of Defense (DoD), between 2005 and 2021, the US delivered a total of $18.6 billion in weapons to the Afghan … Read more

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