Do Chinese ballistic missiles beat Iskander in the traditional market?

Chinese ballistic missiles are trusted by Algeria because of their low prices, which is a surprise because this North African country always buys Russian weapons. The Chinese ballistic missile SY-400 is likely to be selected by the Algerian Army, Beijing has been promoting sales during the past time and its efforts are yielding encouraging results. … Read more

The Chinese possibility of selling Iran 80 lethal Type 022 aircraft carrier killers worries the US.

US military authorities are concerned about the possibility of China providing Iran a whole fleet of Type 022 aircraft carrier killers. Iran is particularly interested in the Type 022 carrier killer fleet of the Chinese Navy, especially since that Beijing is less eager to maintain them in action. Beijing and Tehran are now working on … Read more

China’s JH-XX 6th generation stealth bomber surprised the West

The mysterious Chinese JH-XX stealth bomber model displayed at the Zhuhai Airshow has attracted great attention from the Western press. JH-XX (H-18) stealth bomber was introduced as China’s 6th generation fighter, what do we know about this vehicle up to now? Military aviation news website Deagle recently provided some details: “The JH-XX is a new generation … Read more

China is producing more Mighty Dragon J-20 stealth fighter jets and may have already made 200 of them.

The J-20 stealth fighter is being produced more quickly in China, where at least 200 are believed to have been produced. On November 27, a Chinese military source claimed that due to the US’s increased deployment of F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters to Northeast Asia, China had sped up the production of J-20 fighter jets. … Read more

In the South China Sea, China is alleged to be obstructing Philippine naval vessels.

According to the vice-admiral of the Philippine Naval, the Philippine navy boat was obstructed by a Chinese coast guard ship, which broke the rope while hauling an object in the South China Sea. According to Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos, commander of the Philippine army’s Western Command (WESCOM), the Chinese coast guard was there on November … Read more

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