Following the Philippines, Indonesia is looking to purchase the world’s fastest cruise missile BrahMos.

The world’s fastest cruise missile, the BrahMos, is made by a joint venture between Russia and India. Atul D. Rane reports that the defense business BrahMos Aerospace anticipates concluding a deal this year to sell Indonesia supersonic cruise missiles for at least $200 million. Atul D. Rane, director of BrahMos Aerospace, stated that the company … Read more

Artificial intelligence’s list of the top 10 combat jets worldwide

The results of our request for chatGpt Ai to build a list of the best 10 fighter jets in the world are extremely intriguing and free of bias. F-35 Lightning II: Developed by Lockheed Martin, this 5th generation fighter jet is considered one of the most advanced and stealthiest jets in the world. Key features … Read more

The US “killed chicken with a buffalo scalpel” by shooting down a balloon with a $400k AIM-9X missile.

Chinese media said that Washington flaunted its superiority by “using a buffalo scalpel to kill chicken” when an F-22 aircraft used an AIM-9X missile, which costs close to $400,000. However, analysts feel that the AIM-9X missile is the only one that is the best option for this purpose. When the US ordered F-22 jets to … Read more

Why the US refrained from shooting down the “Chinese spy balloon”

The US pondered employing fighters to take down “Chinese airships” above the area, but ultimately decided against it. What could have been the cause? Let’s find out. On February 2, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder stated that the US military has tracked and identified an object believed to be a Chinese spy balloon in the country’s … Read more

The US Air Force has finished testing hypersonic weapons, putting the US back in the game.

The Hypersonic Airbreathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) program was completed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the U.S. Air Force with a final flight test that utilized Lockheed Martin’s design. More Opportunities with HAWC (MoHAWC), a subsequent effort that aims to show a capability that is one step closer to an operational hypersonic … Read more

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