NATO is considering establishing a permanent military base near Russia.

The NATO military alliance has signalled that it may create a long-term base near Russia after Moscow initiated a military operation in Ukraine. NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană said he hoped the alliance could establish a long-term basis in Eastern Europe during a speech in Denmark. According to the official, when Russia initiated a … Read more

Ukraine to receive thousands of APKWS II smart rockets from the United States.

The US revealed an intention to donate several thousand APKWS II smart rockets to Ukraine shortly after the Lend-Lease Act was passed. The APKWS II Smart Rocket was designed to be launched from fixed-wing aircraft and combat helicopters, but Ukraine will most likely receive a ground-launched version. The US aims to send thousands of 70 … Read more

Factors that can aid Ukraine in holding Russian forces at bay

The spirit and experience of fighting with Western weapons are two factors that aid Ukraine in posing numerous challenges to Russian forces’ operations. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley told the US Senate on April 7 that the Ukrainian military had succeeded in the first phase of the operation, but warned … Read more

Israel claims to have made significant advances in its bombing capabilities against Iran.

The duty of striking critical sites deep within Iranian territory is expected to be assigned to Israel’s F-35 stealth jets carrying 1-ton bombs. The Israeli Air Force recently announced that it now has the capability to target Iranian territory without the use of aerial refuelling planes. Previous Israeli attacks on Iran necessitated the use of … Read more

Russia used Su-57 fighter aircraft to “strike Ukraine’s air defence network.”

To assault Ukrainian air defence systems, a fleet of four Su-57 stealth jets flew in a synchronised formation. “A fleet of four Su-57 stealth warplanes has been deployed by the Russian Air Force to locate and strike Ukraine’s air defence network. These fighters constitute a single information network that can communicate and broadcast target specifications … Read more

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