Russian Air Defense Grid: Are There Still Gaps in the Multi-Layered Shield?

According to our analysts, the recent incident involving a small UAV attack on Moscow on May 30 has highlighted significant vulnerabilities in Russia’s multi-layered defense fire network. Since the 1980s, the Soviet defense forces have implemented an extensive air defense network to safeguard Moscow against intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and bombers carrying nuclear weapons from … Read more

Weapons from the US to Ukraine in the hands of gangs in Mexico?

RT news agency on May 31, citing sources from Milenio TV channel, said that a number of US-like military weapons sent to Ukraine were seen in the hands of a notorious gang in Mexico. The Milenio TV channel broadcast a video showing a man wearing a Gulf Cartel insignia in Mexico carrying a Kalashnikov rifle … Read more

President Putin’s stern warning after the drone attack on Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out after 8 suspected Ukrainian UAVs attacked Moscow on the morning of May 30. In a statement released on May 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian military of being the culprit behind the suicide drone attack on Moscow on the morning of the same day. According to Putin, … Read more

Building in Moscow damaged by UAV attack

The incident of eight UAVs in Moscow was so disturbing that one Russian politician even called it the most serious attack on the Russian capital since World War II. On May 30, the Russian capital Moscow was attacked by 8 UAVs. This is considered the largest attack on this city since the Russian-Ukrainian war broke out. Even … Read more

Shocking Revelation: American Expert Uncovers F-16’s Top Secret Strategy to Counter S-400!

Ukraine faces challenges in launching a direct attack using F-16 fighters due to Russia’s formidable S-400 air defense system. In response, American experts are diligently exploring tactics to assist Ukrainian pilots in effectively countering the S-400’s capabilities. Douglas Birkey, the Executive Director of the Mitchell Aerospace Institute, expressed his professional opinion in an interview with … Read more

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