Will the United States provide tanks to Ukraine?

On September 20, a top US defence official stated that the US administration is considering transferring tanks to the Ukrainian army in the future. This remark was made during a regular Pentagon press conference on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the same day. Meanwhile, Ukrainian military troops have advanced in a massive counter-offensive … Read more

Europe’s future super fighter is in danger of not being able to take off

The future European super fighter jointly developed by France, Germany, and Spain is unlikely to appear before 2050. The future super fighter of Europe (FCAS fighter), also known as the Future Air Combat System, developed jointly by the 3 countries of France – Germany – Spain, has many possibilities that have not appeared in the … Read more

Mr. Zelensky :The US and Germany have not provided the promised anti-aircraft weapons,

Air defence systems are a high priority for Ukraine, according to President Zelensky, who also noted that the US and Germany have not yet delivered the promised complexes. In a press conference conducted today in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the nation highly values the function of air defence systems and … Read more

Germany refused to provide Ukraine the Marder infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

According to a Ukrainian military expert, Germany’s willingness to give Ukraine the armoured vehicles it desperately needs will determine how quickly Ukraine can force Russian troops out of the nation. The German company Rheinmetall has upgraded 16 Marder infantry combat vehicles to the Marder 1A3 level on its own dime, has already started working on … Read more

Ukrainian officials issue a warning about potential assaults on sites in Russian territory.

According to a Ukrainian official, if required, Kiev might launch attacks on targets within Russian territory to compel Moscow to withdraw its soldiers from Ukraine. Serhiy Haidai, the governor of the Lugansk area, declared that Ukraine will go to whatever lengths to bring the Russian forces home. Haidai interprets this to suggest that, if Ukraine … Read more